iPad Information (2017)

The 4th and Final portal is now closed.

We will let parents know when recent orders are ready for collection.

1-to-1 Apple iPad Scheme for Year 7 / Year 8 students 2017 – 2018

In September 2015, we introduced our 1 to 1 Apple iPad scheme to Year 7 parents and carers for the first time. Over the last 2 years, we have found that students have used iPads more and more both in and out of lessons as a valuable tool for learning. We have therefore decided to continue the scheme in September 2017 for our new intake.

The iPad can be used by students in a variety of ways for learning and leisure:  researching by using the Internet, e-mailing, videoing, filming and photography, using a variety of apps to develop and extend learning in many subject areas, producing a variety of written and verbal assignments, developing presentations, reading books and news items, receiving push notifications and iBooks from staff and  a host of other uses. Some aspects of the technology will benefit young people with special educational needs and disabilities.

Students with their own iPad, leased through the scheme, have been using them across the school this year. In addition staff have been using them in classrooms to support the teaching delivery. Overwhelmingly the students have found the iPads great to use – developing their curiosity and motivating them as learners.

The Scheme and its affordability

Governors have been keen to ensure our proposal is affordable to all parents/carers whatever their personal circumstances. We have engaged a leasing partner to manage the scheme on our behalf.

To help keep the cost as low as possible the Governing Body has decided to subsidise the scheme. The governors also wish to stress the scheme is not compulsory, although we hope that most families will see the scheme offers fantastic value for money and will provide the students with a real opportunity to develop their learning.

Who can access the scheme.

This year all students can access the scheme, different payment options are available depending on your child’s school year.

New Year 7 Students can choose whether to make a single payment or spread the cost over 36 months.

Insurance and Warranty is included for 36 months

Portal Code: newbridge17

Year 8 Students can make a single payment or spread the cost over 24 Months (depending on scheme start date)

Please note that the current 24 month option includes insurance and warranty for 24 months.

Portal Code: NewbridgeY8

Year 9 Students can buy an iPad directly from the school with a single payment, unfortunately there is not currently an option to spread payments.

If your child already owns an iPad and wants to use it in school, please talk to the technicians.

Devices available

We are offering 2 devices this year.

  • iPad 5th Generation 32gb (recommended device)
  • iPad Mini 4 128gb

How much will the scheme cost?

Newbridge has contributed towards the scheme to make your device more affordable.

Typical example pricing for scheme based on 36 months

Pricing will be updated shorty, you should be able to access the portal from 8/7/17

Deposit: £30.00 (taken with first payment)

36 Monthly Payments of: £9.96

Total Payable: £388.56 inc deposit

Which includes case, 3 years insurance and extended warranty.

(this is an example and subject to change)

If you join the scheme after the first roll out of the academic year, you will no longer be eligible to pay for the device over 36 months as all devices must be paid for in full by the time the your student leaves Newbridge. Once all payments are made the ownership of the device will be handed over to you.

Until all payments are made the device remains property of Newbridge High School.

If you are entitled to free school meals or pupil premium please contact the school before signing up to the portal. ipads@newbridgesch.uk

How do I access the scheme?

To access the portal you need to follow this link:



Once on the portal you will need to sign up using the correct portal code:

Year 7 portal is: newbridge17

Year 8 Portal is: newbridgey8



When will the Portal Close?

The portal will be closed on Friday 4th August 2017

We try to open the portal on a termly basis, but this is not always possible.

If you miss the portal closing date, we cannot guarantee you will receive your order in the planned time scale, as it may be put on hold until the next roll out.

Payment Information / Schedule

Payments are usually taken on the 15th or the 25th of the month.

If you have any queries, you can contact the CPU administration team by calling 0345 872 2156.

Office hours are Monday to Friday, 9am until 5pm.

For out of office requests, please email cpu@cpu.co.uk.

When will you get the iPad?

Typically it will take 3 weeks to receive the iPad after the portal closes.

Please note the iPad can be taken home every day but it will be compulsory for students to bring their iPad in everyday for use in lessons fully charged. We will be running sessions for students on how best to use and manage their iPad, including e-safety information.

My Son / Daughter already owns an iPad

Students who already have an iPad will be allowed to use them at the academy but parents/carers need to be aware that they may be constrained by the filtering system that we have to use. Due to safeguarding procedures these iPads might have to be blanked and set up by the school (although you would still be able to re download any purchased Apps you have already bought). The owned iPad should be compatible with IOS 9. We also recommend that you take out insurance as Newbridge cannot be held responsible for using your own device.

Staying Safe Online

We will be running a session about staying safe online, but for more tips please see our staying safe online section of the website.

Queries or More Information

If you need help or further information please contact: iPads@newbridgesch.uk

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