Health, Citizenship and Careers Education

HCC HeaderThese courses are set out to give students the knowledge and skills necessary for students to make informed choices about:

  • Their health and lifestyle
  • Their environment
  • Their future
  • Their rights and responsibilities

Please see the attached calendars below for the teaching forecasts; so you know which area of Health, Citizenship and Careers Education your child is currently studying.

If you would like a more detailed description of what your student will learn within the Health Education, Careers and Citizenship curriculum then please see the documents at the bottom of this webpage.

In Year 7 students are timetabled for Health Education which covers topics such as:

  • Assertiveness
  • Decision Making Skills
  • Self-awareness & Self-esteem
  • Information on how to live a Healthy Lifestyle
  • Sex and Relationships Education
  • Substances Education (Alcohol and Smoking Awareness)
  • Digital Literacy and Mindfulness

Students learn about the physical, social and mental aspects of being healthy and safe. A course on mental health is taught using ICT skills to research and to recap basic skills in ICT use.

In Year 8 students are timetabled for Citizenship Education which covers topics such as:

  • Drugs Education
  • Sex and Relationships Education
  • Parliament, Government and Law
  • Anti-bullying
  • Parenting
  • Rights and Responsibilities
  • Financial Literacy
  • A course on ‘liberty’ which includes some e-safety is taught through ICT skills

In Year 9 students are timetabled for Careers Education which covers topics such as:

  • Research using the Careers Database and Internet qualifications framework and route ways
  • Meeting and knowing the school’s Careers Adviser and Nurse
  • Looking at the job market locally and how to identify strengths, aspiration and action planning for the future.
  • Students strive for a Careers Development Unit Award (CDU)
  • Students learn about contraception and sexually transmitted diseases as part of a course on their development. Taught from a relationships and personal safety standpoint.
  • Drugs education continues and includes a Police visit

The curriculum is enhanced by regular visits from health professionals and people with expertise in business and industry.

  • School Nurse Visit and Drop ins
  • Careers Advisor Visit and Interviews
  • Drama Workshops by Theatre Groups (bulling, anti-violence, drugs)
  • World of Work Day (visitors, shadowing a parent at work)
  • Curriculum Theme Days
  • Visits to Universities, Colleges, Clothes Shows
  • Visits and opportunities to meet and interview Loughborough University Students

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