Department Vision Statement

It is the English Department’s vision that all Newbridge pupils will be confident readers who can read texts both for pleasure and analytically, be confident in their spoken and written communication and keen to develop their language skills beyond school and into their adult lives.


The department will continue to maintain an excellent record of behaviour management so that all pupils can make the most of their lessons.

SEN and Pupil premium

SEN and Pupil Premium pupils will be given every opportunity to meet their targets and make good progress.  Where this does not occur, the department should be able to demonstrate why they have not and what steps were taken to avoid this from happening.

Higher ability

High ability pupils will be given the stimulus required to engage with their education. This will be through higher level thinking, challenging assessment, extension work obtained through ‘Challenge Cards’ and GCSE style work. Higher ability pupils will be given opportunities to learn beyond the curriculum with after school classes.


All lessons will offer an appropriate level of challenge. Some concepts may require continuous scaffolding but on the most part, each lesson should allow for pupils to produce a high quality response, be it through writing or presentation.


Staff will follow specified scheme of work with some freedom as to how they teach each objective. This will ensure that pupils experience a range of texts and genres meaning they can learn in a range of different ways.


Pupils will be able to write accurately in a variety of styles with the correct tone and register. Writing will be encouraged for pleasure as well as for school work.

Reading in school

Pupils will be given ample opportunity to read in school and be enthusiastic about Accelerated Reader. They will be taught reading skills such as predicting, rereading and finding their next book. Pupils will read a range of media in different ways such as through iPad and traditional paper books. All staff will demonstrate their own passion for reading in a variety of ways.

Reading for pleasure

Pupils will read regularly and widely for pleasure. They will be confident in choosing books for themselves and will have the skills needed to progress as a reader such as learning and practising new vocabulary.


Students will be equipped with strategies required to learn new spellings, enabling them to spell new words independently. Teachers will correct as many spellings as is necessary to enable progress and give pupils opportunity to learn them.

Speaking and listening

Pupils will expect to be asked questions in lessons and be confident in answering them. Presentations to the class will be regular. Pupils will be able to take part in discussions and debates in a mature and thoughtful way.


Because pupils are likely to work in future in an environment where digital literacy is assumed, ICT will be used regularly via webquests, research and reading. Also, some writing assessments will be completed through word processing. iPads will be used to complement learning and encourage curiosity.

Current affairs

Pupils will be given opportunities to read the news and discuss current affairs through use of ‘The Day’ and other newspaper websites. This will develop skills across the curriculum and help with acquisition of vocabulary.


Pupils will obtain new vocabulary through reading, teacher talk and a word of the week. Pupils will be curious about new vocabulary and willing to use it in their work and through talk.

The English Department will ensure that the subject is accessible and enjoyed by all allowing pupils to learn, develop and succeed.