DramaHeaderAt Newbridge High School, the Drama curriculum is taught with the aim of establishing key skills for development in both academic and social areas. Pupils are given the opportunity to develop their co-operation, communication and creative skills whilst still learning the academic skills necessary to progress onto further education.

The modules that the students will cover allows for them to explore a variety of stimuli from well-known play texts to traditional theatrical genres. They will use a range of dramatic elements (characterisation/plot), mediums (costume/lighting) and explorative strategies (narration/hot seating). Students will also benefit from studying and performing in a state of the art performing arts space complete with stage and lighting facilities.

We recognise that every child has different needs and abilities and firmly believe that every child can achieve through drama whether it is as a performer or one of the many vital roles backstage. Pupils will be formally throughout the year on three major areas: Rehearsal, performance and evaluation. These will be levelled against specific criteria allowing children who may not be particularly strong performers the chance to achieve in different ways.

Newbridge also offers a wealth of extra-curricular activities that will serve to enhance their already developed skills. We perform 3 shows a year: two being major productions and one a fantastic dance showcase. In order to take part in these, your child will be invited to attend a Performing Arts Club and/or Dance Club once a week.

Whatever your child’s interest, as a department we are confident that we can provide them with the opportunity to excel in their chosen area.