Warning to all Parents and Students

Snapchat has just launched a new feature which lets other people find out exactly where you are at any given moment.

Snapchat say that this is an opt in feature.

Snap Map lets you share your real-time location, which can be seen on an interactive map precise enough to show not only which street you’re on, but whereabouts you are on that street too.

This is very alarming, there are many privacy and safeguarding implications of this new feature and we STRONGLY urge parents and students to turn this feature off.

How to switch off Snap Map location sharing

  • When in photo-taking mode, pinch the screen to open Snap Map
  • Touch the settings cog in the top right corner of the screen
  • Tap “Ghost Mode” to switch off location sharing
  • Photos and videos posted to Snapchat’s public ‘Our Story’ will still be discoverable on the map.




  • To sleep properly, young people need uninterrupted sleep where possible.
  • Electronic devices in the bedroom and lighted screens energise. It is recommended that all are switched off at least one hour before you are trying to get to sleep.
  • Young people who are in contact with others late at night are not resting and in many cases are not doing the sort of activities that will help their state of mind or studies the next day.
  • Sleepy children are more likely to make decisions that put them at risk of being groomed.
  • Research from Cambridge University suggests that fourteen year olds who spend an hour a day above the 3 hour average on screens during their leisure time score 9 fewer points at GCSE when the sum of their grades are calculated (equivalent of dropping two grades from a B to a D or from a 6 to a 3).
  • Young people who spend a lot of time on their phone and on social networking sites are not engaged in normal family life.

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Consultation to form a Multi-Academy Trust (MAT)


April 2017

Dear Parents and Carers, or members of the local community

Consultation to form a multi-academy trust

The Governing Body’s priority is to enable the school to continue to provide an excellent education for our children while protecting the school’s role at the heart of our community and retaining its unique qualities and strengths.  We recognise that the role of local authorities in supporting schools is diminishing and that it is Government policy to encourage effective schools to become Academies.

The Governing Body believes that the best way of driving standards even further forward is for Newbridge High School to extend its role as a Single Academy (as we have been since August 2012) to form a local partnership with Castle Rock High School and Broom Leys Primary School in the first instance.  The partnership would be a ‘Multi-Academy Trust’ (MAT) and each school would become equal members of the trust.  The partnership would be known as the Apollo Partnership Trust but each school would keep its own name.

The governors are proud of Newbridge High School and its students and staff and are keen to see the school continue to develop and grow stronger. Working in partnership is essential to this process, forming a MAT is a formal partnership of schools, all with unique identities and features, working within a single Trust. Through a MAT we can collaborate with, learn from, and support other schools.  Collaborative working in a MAT offers many benefits for students and staff; sharing best practice in teaching and learning, curriculum collaboration, extra-curricular opportunities, staff development, finance and human resources, legal services, school improvement structures and governance arrangements. We also believe that by working together we can make our budgets go further and help keep school funding focused on teaching and learning.

In forming a MAT the schools would retain their unique identities whilst sharing some governance arrangements and some support functions such as finance, HR and maintenance. Together we would set up the vision and values underpinning the MAT and the governance structure behind it. In the future there may be other schools that wish to join the MAT, however this will only take place where values are aligned and there is a clear benefit to the MAT as a whole, and our schools.

Ultimate responsibility for the schools in the MAT lies with the Trust Board of Governors which would combine  the skills and experience necessary for success with each individual school continuing to have its own local governing board providing the day to day support and challenge for the leadership of the schools.

It is important to emphasise that formation and development of a MAT would be underpinned by our total commitment to maintain and enhance the outstanding work at Newbridge High School and the other schools within the MAT. Our ethos and our standards remain unchanged but our vision is to work with other schools to form a MAT that is rooted in our local community and offers the provisions to enhance the educational opportunities for students and staff.

We have prepared the attached document which includes answers to many frequently asked questions.  A feedback form is included within the document for you to return.  If you wish to provide comments on the proposal, please ensure this is sent to the school office by Friday 28th April 2017.

Yours faithfully

Mr Roger Cairns
Chair of Governors


Click here to view Frequently Asked Questions

Click here to download the Consultation Response Form (pdf version)

Click her to download the Consultation Response Form (WORD version)




Newbridge students and staff got into the true spirit of Comic Relief on Friday 26 March 2017.

We were able to purchase red noses, and to get involved with other fundraising events on the day.  Students arrived at registration to be greeted with the staff lip sync video, their version of Taylor Swift’s Shake It Off!  It was a fantastic day and Newbridge raised £385 for the charity.

Well done to the School Council for arranging the successful event.


Newbridge Readathon


Enthusiastic students at Newbridge High School read everything from comics to classics, raising £511 to help give brand new books to children in hospital

To encourage students to read for pleasure, Newbridge has completed a highly successful Readathon sponsored read. Students admirably rose to the challenge, reading non-stop during the school day and raised a fantastic £511 for seriously ill children. Their achievement also earned the school free books worth £102, provided by Readathon in partnership with Scholastic Book Clubs to boost school library stocks.

Readathon is run by the UK charity Read for Good, which uses the sponsorship money raised to provide a regular supply of much-needed brand new books and regular storyteller visits for all major children’s hospitals in the UK. Each hospital has a tailor-made, mobile bookcase, which is jam-packed full of the latest best sellers and classic favourites enabling children to choose just what they fancy, without risk of infection.

Newbridge Librarian, Mrs Surenne Zake said  “I recommend Readathon to any teacher or librarian who wants to get their students reading for pleasure. Readathon creates a real ‘buzz’ about books in the school.  I found children talking about books, sharing and swapping favourite’s and genuinely motivated to read. Parents became involved in what their children were reading and shared precious time together talking about books. Good reading skills allows students to access all of our curriculum on offer at Newbridge and our students raised over £511 which Readathon uses to give books and storyteller visits to children in hospital. Readathon really is a win-win.”

Justine Daniels, CEO of Read for Good said: “We find that children are really motivated to read when they know that the money they raise through reading, helps to buy a regular supply of brand new books and storyteller visits for children in hospital. To say thank you for their tremendous efforts, we’ve teamed up with Scholastic Book Clubs to give Newbridge High School free books.  We hope that these books will in turn inspire even more students to get reading – for good.”