Activities Week


Activities Week at Newbridge is one special week during the Summer Term (this year Mon, 10 July 2017 – Thu, 13 July 2017) when the normal school timetable is put to one side so that each student has the chance to take part in something very different.  All the courses last for 4 days.  This means that a student stays with the same staff and group for the four days which gives them the opportunity to become fully involved in an activity whilst gaining new skills and experiences within a stable group.This is part of our enrichment curriculum that we have held onto over the years and valued for very important reasons:

  • It provides a safe, structured opportunity where our young people can enjoy new experiences and gain new skills.
  • It gives them confidence to achieve in different year groups.
  • It gives the chance to be active, to participate, take on responsibility and show maturity.
  • It is a time to find out about new interests, hobbies and places to visit that will make you more aware of what you can do in the future.
  • The whole week is one of sharing, learning together, getting on with people in an atmosphere of trust and with a huge sense of fun.

View Our Activities On Offer:

We have made our choices, What next?

You have been sent confirmation of which activity has been allocated,  you will need to sign it and send in the deposit, no place is guaranteed until we have received the deposit.

Groups will have short meetings on several occasions before July to plan and prepare for Activities Week.

Until students are told officially that they are on a particular activity they should not bring any money to school.

Important dates:  Deposits in by: Wednesday 14th December 2016

All money must be paid in full by Wednesday 26th April 2017.

NOTE: The deposit is included in the cost of all activities.

Payment for the Activity can be paid via ParentPay.  Should you wish to activate this option, please call the school Office to do so.  You may also pay in instalments using this method.

If you prefer a manual system, your child will be issued with a paying-in card after the deposit has received, please send payments into school with the card for record keeping purposes.

Below you will find our Activities Week presentation and letter for the France trip: